Friday, May 21, 2010

my cruzbike seat bruised my back!

D - took my Cruzbike conversion kit out on cruise. 40km to Heidelburg 'n back. Nice paved edge.

My back felt a bit uncomfortable. I squirmed, trying to make it more comfy.
I had some cramping in my lower back from all the squirming.
Training hard now, so don't notice a lil' more discomfort.
Day later, look in mirror in bathroom.
I'm bruised and chafed!!!

WTF? You gotta be kidding me. From a seat?
Cuz I had the temerity to wear normal blue jean shorts with a belt?
Instead of some little fitness bunny spandex. I happen to not like the look of 3 golf balls stuffed in my shorts.

The seat is a failure. It is a beta-test that should not have passed the experimental stage.

The screws to the seat back need to be recessed, which then would allow the use of thicker but softer foam padding.
The foam is 2-layer. The first is soft. The second is HARD.

The kit ought to come with a warning label. GRR.

I'm improvving a fix, ruining the seat back in the process.

To say I'm not impressed is an understatement.

I'm chopping and slashing and banging away a solution.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

bikes in the sky with diamonds

Tires attached to a wire. Suspended in space?
(Turns green and pukes.) No thanks.

But the others...

Elevating bike lanes addresses the clash with drivers.

Parking garages.
When land is cheap, every little developer has their own little parking lot.
Those parking lots are too small to practically build a multi-level parking garage when intensification occurs.
Well, if you treat each clump of 4 developments holistically, and regulate building placement respectively, you can build said
parking garages later.

Friday, May 7, 2010

ALICE pack frame for seat back?


During the Viet Nam War the US Army struggled to define what sort of pack the soldiers should have and what they should put in the pack. That War in the jungles of Southeast Asia was nearly over before engineers in the Army with a contractor, Natick Laboratories, settled on the best kinds of packs. These workers called their product the All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment or ALICE. There was a large ALICE, a medium ALICE, and a small ALICE.


D: that looks so hard-core.

I don't much care for the side bags.
I'd prefer a taller rucksack height.
To lower drag.

MAVIC: I give up.
YOu suck. Ass. Still.