Thursday, April 30, 2009

integral basket. air horn dreams.

D: looks nice. Isn't.
Ever dangle groceries from yer handlebars?
Good way to crash.
All that weight,high up on the bars will affect steering.

I have considered 'bumpers' on a bike.
Extend the frame to cover the wheels.
Less crumpled tires.
Would also provide a mount point for such things.

Something I have considered as a product is The Boom.
I found my handlebars lacked enough space to mount all my doo-dahs.
Plus detaching them - or leaving them - was a pain to deal with potential theft.
The Boom clamps onto the steering tube. It extends over the front wheel.
Obviously, lacking ranged or remote controls, stuff like a bell and horn must remain
mounted on the handlebars.

Aside: my Zound air horn broke in no time. It won't refill.
They need a threaded and robust adapter for refills.
D: rig this up to a motorbike air horn, or even big-rig or train!
Don't use it in residential areas at night.
Or on folks with weak hearts.

But for the idiotic U students that wander around with their I-pods in their ears, it's just the ticket. And the look on their face is PRICELESS.

D: Tetz's 12V power assist could work.
I think you'd hafta use a capacitor to keep the charge strong enough for a few seconds.
I had considered that for the 'start at green light on angle on 'bent bike' issue anyway.
Check out the battery-sized supercapacitors on market!

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