Friday, December 11, 2009

how to improve my siren alarm cable lock

D: It's not bad. It could be better.

I really hafta take it off my front fork.
It is held in place with friction.
If it drops and rotates, it jams in the spokes...
I think I can tuck in on the rear seat post tube on my Cruzbike. Maybe.

So why don't I like it more?
The first impression I had was unconditionally positive.

My problems are:
- the cable is just a bit too long to be stored properly,
- the lock can removed without the key!
- the clasp does not hold the cable rolled up very well.

The cable should have been about an inch shorter. It is just a bit too long.
And once one loop of cable slips off, it starts unravelling...
The clasp came undone repeatedly on bumps. I looked down to find the cable trailing beside my rear tire...

By applying pressure on the two opposite sides, the case pops off.
From there, a screwdriver will remove the anchors.
Voila- the bike can be stolen by removing the intact lock.
The battery can be easily yanked out.

Suggestions? Cuz I really do think the idea of a siren cable lock, embedded in/on/to the bike frame is a good one!
1) a spare cable.
2) a circular motif so
3) a handle can internally 'wind up' the cable
4) the key must be used to open the lock to attach or detach it.
Like I said, at heart, a good idea.
But the devil is in the details.
Some sort of visible strobe might be a nice addition.
Hmm. Maybe I'll make a working mockup at some point.
I'll cannibalize my second siren lock.
Don't care too much- found in hardware store bargain bin for 10 bux.


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