Sunday, March 21, 2010

hallow'een costume. tron outfit- and lightcycle?

Lotsa folks made the old Tron outfits.
Reflective or electroluminescent tape or wire. And so on. Nice.
But the LIGHTCYCLE is what made Tron so cool.

I have pondered how to make one.
1) recumbent frame
2) pedal crank thru front wheel
3) fiberglass body.

D: Unfortunately, such an arrangement seems to preclude decent gearing.
Other than one reference to a unicycle Schlumph drive, nada.

I suppose a hideously complex arrangement could involve.
1) dual matching bottom brackets on each side of the front tire,
2) a chain running to a gear set
3) which in turn attaches on both sides at the front tire axle.
My head hurts...

Since this is just a costume prop, I say just have a penny-and-farthing-esque single gear.
This is gonna CRAWL along while you spin out on cadence.
But it moves.
I think I'd need spandex slits to put my feet down.
Visibility will seriously be terrible.
I think I'd need additional sideways vision slits.
Or I'd be scared just about anywhere.

I don't think anybody has made one, and the new Tron movie is coming out soon.
Nice way to work at the bar this year... I often dress up for Hallow'een.


Anonymous said...

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Dino Snider said...

Thanks buddy!

I think a modified Python lowracer frame will work best for a Tron bike.
The front forks will need to be modified to house a bottom bracket.
A mid-steer with front boom could work.