Monday, July 19, 2010

ego blow! calculated watt output for hour on ride

D: stupid Mavic odometer has no instructions on how to calibrate to a 24" MBT tire, grr.
Mavic, you SUCK ASS.

So I've been biking in no-man's-land for speed or distance.

Anyway, I finally tweaked Mapquest to set the path I take from home to King to Heidelberg.
... It wasn't 30km.
It was... um about 15km.
It takes me LESS than an hour. I set the sim at 60mins. More like 55 these days, possibly 53.

The watt output over an hour.... 59.
Midrange accomplished amateur.
What a kick in the cojones that is.
I mean, sure, I can do bench reps with my body, perfect sets of 75 pushups, 20 chinups no prob. And much else.
I'm a generalist.
But amateur?

OK at 10 not 9 mph... about 68 watts.
11mph? 78 watts.
12 - 89.

At 13mph, I reach 100 watts for an hour- out of the limp-wristed sissy league.
Gawd, I have my work cut out for me!
Oie! About 20kph.

I mean, I can CHEAT.
Higher pressure tires. Lighter frame. Hybrid tires. Smooth rear tire. Et al.
But that is just that - cheating.
Not a better athlete. A better bike.

D: My legs run, rollerblade. Heavy squats. Deadlift- almost 500 lbs at 175 lbs!
Not specialized biking legs. Nor disproportionate. Yet.
They're starting to get the same blue veiny my chest got around 30,000 pushups this year.
But not huge yet.

I've seen the 'specialists' Guys with these monster legs grafted, Frankenstein-esque like, onto a tiny torso.
Doesn't seem worth it.
But still - I do wanna cross Canada with my legs.

I suspect I have a lotta hybrid type muscle- can convert between strength and endurance.
Lotsa room for improved vascularity.
More local glycogen storage.
Training to use lactic acid waste byproduct is still a work in progress. I do train hard to discomfort.

And what does the super wonderful science news site Sciencedaily have to say about it?
Arginine plus anti-ox.
Nuts 'n seafood. Good fer ya anyway. Healthy fat profile.
Resistance to exhale results in improved aerobic efficiency.
Coffee megadose good- but only for submax activity.
Also reduces post exercise pain 'n increase glycogen uptake.
Use with care.

Will research more later.


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