Wednesday, September 1, 2010

shimano alfine 11 gear sg-s700

It tripped my Google search term alert.

5th gear is direct drive- I think.
VERY nice for a day tour bike!
Yup. I'm in love.
Waiting on price.

You heard it hear FIRST.


Dino Snider said...

D: no direct drive? That's a deal breaker...

An unusual feature of the 11 speed Alfine is that no gear is a direct drive from the sprocket to the hub, though 5th is close. Running a 32 tooth chainring with a 22 tooth sprocket gives gear ratios from 0.77:1 to 3.13:1, so all the way from a 22:28 bottom gear to a 44:14 top gear. Can't find anything on torque carrying capacity apart from loads of people who've given 8 speed Alfines a trashing with similar ratios and not had problems, so hopefully it's okay.

Dino Snider said...

Nice summary of quirks of each gear hub.