Sunday, December 5, 2010

transformer bike upright/bent

very neat.

D: i had some similar ideas.
One switches between short and long wheelbase.
Necessarily is FWD with a simple pivot for chain.
The curved rails for the fairing make it pretty slick looking.

I have another idea for re-arranging components to convert a mid-steer to front steer.
Be nice to switch from over to under easily too.

Thinking on turning radius for effectively long wheelbase, midsteer.
Using handles that pivot attached rear a la Triton trike, could increase sharpness of possible turning radius.

Thinking about mid-steer, maybe placing seat on third bar attached midway fore and aft.Result is the rider does not end up on outside of turn attempting to flip bike on turn. Always stays inside the turn - and more inside as turn become sharper.
That was an idea to try to keep legs sufficiently in line with pedal on a thru-front-wheel-pedal layout. But likely works better without this fancy setup.

Still, intrigued by thru-front-wheel layout.

I'm trying to figure out is a Rohloff hub could be easily modified to take pedal attachements. But have never played with one- any ideas?
This would pretty much necessitate a mid-steer layout.
The elegance makes it worth pursuing.

I priced out capactiros and they are about 20 bux per for a c-battery size.
Inspired by John Tetz. But my idea for a low-speed high torque only brief duration is unique.
1) you can lose all that big heavy gearing.
2) no battery. at all. regenarative braking for recharge. again, compact, light.
also cheaper.
A 'bent bike really only needs a help from a stop and a killer granny gear.
This temporary boost provided at high power output from an ultracapacitor array would not last long enough to overheat and fry a motor.
It is good for 100,000s of recharge cycles.
! likely cold-resistant. I killed more batteries winter cycling.
The regenerative braking function - assist really -not enough resistance to supplant a good rear brake (maybe just on front? I don't like the front tire to lock up.) could be used otherwise to power lights sans battery al a dynamo. And consumer electronics like a cell phone or music player otherwise.
I think we are not thinking of the right 'power assist (vs supplant) for a 'bent.

D: this summer, I nearly ate a small asian woman. Not like that! >;
She didn't look and leisurely biked onto the main multiuse trail from a dirt side path. I haul on the brakes - both - hard - in panic. ...
My Cruzbike promptly became a unicycle on the front wheel. The rear tire flipped into the air and wobbled sideways. I managed to stop within a foot of hitting her.
Dumb bitch. ALWAYS look.

Also the reason I am thinking about a battering ram on the Cruzbike. Seriously.
Cars to the edge of the bike lane.
Why should ruin my godawfully expensive chainring setup on FWD bike?
Better to leave ding in their car door.
I had some idiot jump in front of my bike. Hauled on brake, couldn't risk swerving into car lane without knowing if I'd eat a car.
He was drunk with buddies. Easy enough to kick me in the head.
Lot harder if I break his knee cap.
Sorry, it is a cold hard world out there.


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