Tuesday, January 18, 2011

folding bikes

D: that is the smallest package ever.

D: a trike that folds down, apparently with no tools.

D: I see why my bud Tim bought a Gotham Citybike instead - about a 1000 bux difference!


D - I started thinking about a folder. My 'stretch limo' SWB RWD 'bent bike concept is gonna have a 60 inch wheelbase - plus the pedals out front! Be nice to be able to fish out the chain from inside the frame, and halve the length.

My later 'oyster' concept bikes will have handlebars and seats that fold down. They won't fold in half with rigid partial fairings.
But they will seal shut against theft and weather. So long as the wheel hubs can only be accessed from inside, they could have quick-release monofork wheels for ease of changes on the road.



A full size cruiser that folds in the middle.

D: I almost wish I built my Cruzbike around a folder.
The thing is a beast to store.

D: there are trail bikes with tiny wheels.
Then 'real' bikes for 'real' roads. With real potholes.

The 'briefcase bikes' are pretty KISS, given that you will want a carry case anyway.

D: the folding 'bent bike pic is useful.
The diagonal packing scheme is pretty sensible.
Though the pic is of a long wheelbase, many aspects apply.
I suspect the front pedals could be on a pivot.
It'd be elegant to have it turn on the front wheel steering tube, but I imagine devilishly difficult.
'n of course, there will be a very long chain to stow somewhere.
A simple way to address steering would be to allow an ergonomic change of position,but to make that joint able to lie flat along the bike body. The seat rear, of course, comes off as a backpack.

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