Sunday, February 19, 2012

lee valley belt instead of chain?

D: I'm not sure about if this would require an intermediately placed cog mid chainline (belt) to avoid slippage. Not sure how strong it is, though presumably it is fine.

Seems to me that this would play well with the FB Greenmachine's intermediate frame-enclosed gear hub and suspension point.
I'll keep it in mind for future projects.


Aside - Freelight-based generator.
I found those N48 magnets to use in 1/4x/14" rod form form 3 per dollar.
I figure I use some machine guard plastic I have. Cut 2 discs out of it, glue together for a thickness of about 1cm or so. Drill out so it fits snugly on a pedal crank. I don't it flopping around. Only 1 of those discs needs to be full size.
I drill out 1/4" dia. pockets along the outside rim edge. Ensure equal depth. Seat those magnets with a touch of glue (or just press fit) along edge. I think I'll need about 20 of them. The disc diameter is largely determined by plans to mount the magnet dynamo on the bike frame. I suspect inside the triangle of a diamond frame is best.
The power conditioning equipment is beyond my limited skills, though. I'll need to ask more technically inclined peeps.
I suspect pulse trickle charging a battery, and powering everything off the battery will be easiest.
The circuit can be made to draw power in between recharging pulses.
While we're at it, just running all the possible power wire inside the bike frame would work.

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