Monday, August 18, 2008

update, cruzbike

D: my sis ordered it for me from the US.
I ordered the special handlebars.
After all, they were only 85 bux.
Nope. With shipping, they're an extra HUNDRED.
This didn't come to mind when I ordered. OMG.
1) fold-down 2-part handlebar kit or
2) bolt-on for a more conventional and local handlebar
would be VERY welcome...

D: My bud Mike ordered no-contact induction-powered LED lights for me from UK's
Freelights company.
I plan to turn the 2 sets into sideways amber running lights.
Right-turning vehicles at intersection keep trying to sideswipe me - and this with TWO lights for and aft each! Plus a square foot of reflectors.

Total Cruzbike cost so far:
120: steel y-frame from Sportchek.
200: < class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_6">Cdn. Tire. For the Shimano components.
(their bike geometries were no good for the 'bent seat)
660: cruzbike conversion kit with handlebars plus S&H to Canada.
D: so that is nearly 1000 bux so far.
In other words, an entry-level 'bent bike cost.

However, it is filling the role of an Optima Orca or Condor, which costs c. 4-5000 bux!

D: we are a little confused about how the wide rear tire gets fitted to the narrow front forks of a bike, but are hoping the kit makes this clear.
I plan to videotape the making-of Cruzbike for YouTube.

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