Monday, August 4, 2008

wacky 1940s bike design vid
D: this is hilarious! The guy with bike-wheel-for-inline-skate is just nuts.
I thought the tandem bike with a standard rear and SWB front rider was pretty clever.
I suppose a kid's seat on a SWB with a little pedal to the rear tire could be cute.
You'd hafta extend the frame to place the pedals up/front of the rear tire though.

Aside: my sis is ordering me a Cruzbike kit from the USA. There were no dealers locally.
I am talking about renting my bike out when completed through Bicycle Forest.
I plan to make a simple camcorder tape of building a Cruzbike to post on youtube.
Has anyone ever tried under-seat steering for it?
(pic of a prone 'bent)

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