Wednesday, September 3, 2008

cruzbike update, thoughts

I measured my wheelbase. It's 43"'
That is less than Bacchetta's 47 but more than the Cruzbike Sylvio.
I think that is why the latter has only 8 gears.
If it had more, it would destabilize at high speed.

I used a kid's (?) 15"? v.s. suggested 17" frame as the basis.

I am unsure if I should try to expand my gear range.
I think it might destabilize at high speeds anyway.
In time, I'm sure I will think of the bike as 'nimble'.
Right now, it just feels unstable.

A coupla thoughts:
1) one part requires matching allen key sizes. Having 2 different ones might mean less tools are needed.
2) a modified handlebar holder can also mount the front boom. Easier, cheaper?
3) I would like to find an aftermarket seat that can be adjusted more.

We tapped out and threaded extra anchor points for the seat.
I wouldn't feel comfortable with just a coupla straps.
A tap kit would be a welome addition, or suggested supplement.

I'm having a hard time finding place on the frame to mount all my accessories. (pic)
D: I had the worst time figuring out how to put the battery in!
Push the tabs on both sides simultaneously. It's tricky.
Once the battery was in, I could not find any way to test it.
A spare cable, in case the first is cut, or a spare shorter one would be welcome.
Where I want to mount it, the extra-wide rear spring housing wants to hit it.
THIS concept, I'd like to incorporate inside a bike frame.
I'd like the bike to be structurally compromised if the alarm is bashed.
Honestly, the plastic U on the mount doesn't look so tough.

A bike has all these widgets that require power of some variety.
A horn. A light(s). Power assist. Signal? A cellphone would be nice. A siren alarm.
Point is, wiring the whole bike for power of various levels, with internal cables too, would make for a neater looking bike. A central power supply for all these would be nice.
The off-the-shelf 12V battery pack for Tetz's power assist would do nicely.

Aside: once my 'closing clamshell' fairing is a reality, then throwing a solar thinfilm recharger inside could be practical.

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