Tuesday, September 16, 2008

leaning trikes.

http://www.jetrike.com/prior-art.html (pic)

D: thoughts....
- the 2 -wheels forward design, the delta (v.s. tadpole) is more stable.
- a full width trike generally does not play well with traffic
- a narrower leaning trike addresses this.

D: I bike to work on Waterloo Westmount-Northfield.
For c. 500 feet past University, it is as narrow as 1' before becoming a bike lane.
By placing a white line on the road edge, despite a clear curb and whatnot, it implies to traffic that
- that is where bikes go
- maybe it is wide enough for bikes
- just staying on the other side of the white lines will avoid me.
Nope. This road would be much better off with NO white line until it reaches a full bike lane width.

Why such a wide bike lane?
No surprise at all.
With a car, the mirrors stick out. Allowing another 6" of wander on both sides, that amounts to an additional 2' lane width v.s. the actual car width.
Bikes are much the same.
If I ride the curb,
- I risk the tire catching on the curb lip.
- I risk the pedal hitting the curb.
I ride a decadent (sarcasm) 1' away from the curb itself.
Deal with it.

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