Friday, February 27, 2009

transforming bikes

D: a trike with built-in baby carriage. The baby is up front to cushion any impacts you have with cars, LOL.

D: I saw a vid last year of an upright bike that could transform into a semi-'bent.

I wonder if that inspired me to consider a variable seat height. The height of the seat means it must be on its own boom.

Also, I am pondering a dual-mode front and mid-steerer.
This would require re-arranging some pins in the frame.
It would reuse the steering grips for either under or over seat steering.

Regarding the variable height seat on a recumbent - this was my way of
1) having a low drag fast bike but
2) a good visibility option for commuting in traffic.
I will never use a lowrider in traffic!
Even the short wheelbase recumbent 'highrider' seemed very low.
That is part of why I settled on a Cruzbike.

The highracers would be brutal on the pot-holes around here.
Our winter freeze-thaw cycle wreaks havoc on roads.

Aside- regarding my Mark I bike design contest offering, with the suspension built into the seat...
For intense cycling, one wants the suspension between wheel and frame.
Otherwise, the bike loses contact with the ground and doesn't hug the riding surface.
However, given the frame simplicity that results, I am willing to accept the trade-off.
Plus also recall that light wheels make for a light feeling bike frame.
It is less punitive for acceleration - imparting all that centrifugal force.
It gets wasted in braking as heat anyway.

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