Wednesday, March 11, 2009

rail road riding bike

D: I had a daydream somewhat like this.
Rails in town had been cordoned off for bicycle use.
Bikes had clamps on the wheels that let them stay upright on rails.
For roads, they arced over in bridges.

I saw suspended walkways in Detroit. I imagine that is mostly viewed as a nice place to mug folks.

Still, something covered against the weather would be nice.

Needless to say, I imagined recumbents.
But I got to thinking.
If one partitions off the left/right side, and forced air at stations one way or the other, then at say 30kph wind folks are getting a 'power assist'.
Simpler than tricking out every bike with a power assist.

A full fairing on a recumbent is less an issue with a wheel clamp to keep it upright.
No chance of accidents blocking the way.

Close your eyes. Imagine cycle tubes elevated above traffic.
Getting to work by going 30kph non stop.
(Optional turnoffs as per trains).
All those little human powered bikes flitting about.
Nice, huh?

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