Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cruzbike tweaks continued

Well, I think I need more chain length.
I think 2 gears that both use the most chain pull the um tensioner derailleur things together and they jam.
So, really, nothing to do with Cruzbike.
One cable does hang low to ground, could get caught in rough terrain.
I'll likely tie that off to be higher.

I bought some spare used bottom bracket threaded bits.
Threading in a bit to the thicker portion, then I'm chopping off excess with grinder.
I should have drilled a wider hole in the kickstand, so a bolt would be flush with the axle hole size.
I'm drilling an off-centre hole for where the little nub inserts, to keep the kickstand from shifting.

D: the trim on the edge of the seat pulls off nearly constantly.
I used some tape.
A better solution would be use some silicone caulking to attach it.

To reiterate, a kit part that mounts an axle-type kickstand thru the old bottom bracket would create a nice, finished look.
The empty bottom bracket is an eyesore.

Even the short wheelbase for the youth frame is actually good at speed.
I find a high cadence is less stable.
A slow steady cadence with constant pressure is ideal.
I'm thinking about losing the one gear that caused the jam.
I'd like to add a higher ratio one at the bottom, for high speed.
Not sure how few teeth are available.
Would be easier than an even larger largest chainring. And lighter.

I finally like a mirror on a bike.
On a chopper-steering CB 'bent, it is at comfy eye level.
It doesn't vibrate much.

I think aluminum tubing on the Cruzbike conversion kit might be desirable.
The front end is frickin' HEAVY, even with aluminum cranks.
And it flops around a lot.
After all, with a mountain bike Y-frame backing it, motif-wise, a thick tube visually looks better. The joint pieces could still be steel.

I'd highly recommend standard round tubing frames for Cruzbikes.
Mine has a lot of odd geometry, and finding places to anchor accessories is a problem.

My thoughts turn to the Mark I.
That is, the DIY Greenmachine knockoff.
Will measure, get square stainless tubing for frame welded this summer by pal Fern.
I won't likely really seal the chain inside.
I can do so later.
The bike will test:
1) variant thudbuster suspension on seat
2) test a backpack /rucksack mount system. Though the CB can do that now.

I'll likely start with a NuVinci hub drive, followed by a Schlumph Hyperdrive later.
Of course, I'd LIKE one of those new 580% Rholoffs but $$$.

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