Wednesday, August 19, 2009

im9 vs nuvinci gear hub

Amendment: yesterday's dream bike has an issue.
It shows rear steering.
This has NEVER worked.
I just assumed it used a Python mid-steer layout, which CAN work.

I do like the Triton-trike style steering handles.

I pondered an around-the cyclist version, versus underneath.


D: Niagara Cycle Works seems to have both good variety and great prices.

Let's put the Nuvinci and I-motion 9 head to head:
IM9, 270 bux, c. 2kg.
NV, 350, TWICE the weight.
As intrigued as I am by the continuous variable drive, I just gotta say no.
Plus changing the tire becomes a huge task.
Meaning monofork.
Meaning theft issue of very expensive wheel.

The Rohloff also weighs 2kg.
Meaning with Schlumf Drive, the 350% range hub plus .4x option of the Schlumf will weigh more.
However, it STILL costs less than the Rohloff at $1400.
Schlumf Drive 400-500 bux.

Obviously, if price is an issue, the R-hub is plain out.
But if weight is at a premium, it's the winner.

I can buy a 250 buck IM9 at first for commuting, then for touring get a Mountaindrive for the partial-fairing/rucksack payload.
I'll need a granny gear from hell, particularly after protracted multi-day cycling.

Again, the internal single chain of the Mark I means no frame-embedded hub drive.
It will be on the rear tire.
Changing tires on the road means the IM9 too.
And anti-theft precludes monofork, or else a long cable (the siren one is long).

D: Dualdrive costs 450 bux.
Just by way of comparison.

Does anybody know of an industrial belt that could be modified to drive a SWB recumbent/ RWD?

nice fold down bike design.
Also nice.
I cannot imagine those lil' wheels on potholes...


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