Wednesday, July 6, 2011

d30 gel gloves. review.

D: they looked so promising that I ran out and bought a pair.
For 50 bux, I would not complain.
For 100 plus, I will.
The quality control is terrible.
If you look at the pic, you'll see one of the finger guards is almost 1cm off the placement on the other glove.
And the gel knuckle guard is no better.
The left glove is fine.
But the right glove has it so far over that the right index-finger knuckle is barely covered. Worse, all my friends promptly tested them by punching stuff. So the threading is starting to tear out on that knuckle too.

All in all, not worth the money.

I want my money back.


Dino Snider said...

And 1 of the Velcro wrist straps peeled apart, so the cover flaps when the velcro is down.
Not impressed by the workmanship.

Dino Snider said...

Hmm, gonna hafta sew the fingers. Disassembled along seams when I chopped off the fingers.