Thursday, July 14, 2011

off road SWB bikes. best of class

D: really, just
Re: Azub Max.

The Azub Max has an offroad variant. I don't know what currency their sites u...

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Peter Stull to me

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The basis Max frameset is $2200, Basic complete bike is $3200.
D - so comparable to the price of the Meta Bike frameset.
Hmm, Orca is winning for total-setup price.

I confess, the adjustable seat/et al position of the Azub series is unprecedented.
Plus the rear-boom extension for trips allows 2 sets of panniers, like some grasshopper models. It makes me wonder about a DIY rig for the Orca.
I cannot believe the company does not offer that.

Peter Stull
Bicycle Man LLC
Recumbent bikes and trikes
But you see the appeal of my 'long-short wheelbase' layout though.
A lot of the benefit of a 'bent bike is lower air drag.
By adding the 2nd set of panniers lower, we increase front cross section.
In fact, we end up with a profile much like an upright bike when done.

I remain intrigued by the idea of a wide carry rack that could hold an additional folding basket on top.
I have 2 side folding baskets which must be permanently affixed.
I'd like to modify that to have pannier style mounts so they can be removed.
An unlikely benefit of my 24i tires on my youth frame is the additional space between the top of the tire and the rack.
(Recall that I have a Cruzbike.)
I confess that I like the lower centre of gravity with groceries.
I hope to have 2 grocery bags with heavy stuff low and left/right,
with 1 additional lighter one high and mounted on an extra-wide rack.
Those folding baskets match the size of a reusable grocery bag perfectly.
But are darn heavy the rest of the time.
My bike weighs in at 60lbs!

Aside - not too impressed with the Front wheel drive.
My front tire tried to slide sideways when I spun out on gravel uphill.
I suppose on pavement this is not an issue.
But you'd think something with mountain bike tires could go off-road! Nope.

D - I am intrigued by the Meta Bike biz model of just selling frames.
I mean, my 'everyman' 'bent bike entry just uses standard parts anyway.
(Just a very basic chain-inside-frame layout.)
As much as I like the Flevobike Greenmachine, it only comes with 20i tires and
costs about 6000 bux!
Plus I'd prefer if Rohloff released a 580% gear hub for it.


dino snider said...

Oh, Optima got back to me.
They said they too have a dual- pannier rack option.
OK, money's is back on Optima, just cuz they are north American.

Beth said...

Understandable but these recumbent bikes are getting kind of expensive. I'd go the same route but there's got to be better options economically somewhere!