Sunday, December 4, 2011

hammerschmidt alternative to schlumf drive

22/36 or 24/38 gear range.
• 1: 1 or Overdrive ranges. 1:1 means the chainring does one full revolution with every pedal stroke. Overdrive is approximately 1:1.6.

Expect the HammerSchmidt to cost between $700 and $800 for the Bottom Bracket, Crank arms and Trigger shifter. Available starting December of this year.

2011 Truvativ HammerSchmidt All Mountain Crankset. Item: TRV118 ActualWeight:"Actual Weight" means we weighed this item ourselves. 1467 g; $649.00 ...



Including spindle, bearings and spider, excluding chainring and cranks: 790g (46 tooth chainring with chainring bolts: 90g, cranks 220g each).
Please compare the total weight of speed-drive with the total weight of a triple chainring set including shifter, cable, derailleur. Example: Shimano Altus (48/38/28 teeth): weight incl. right crankarm: 1255g

D - not really sure what advantage the topic unit offers.

Slightly heavier, costs more.

D - I cannot find an updated gear calculator for all the new drives.

The K-Calc doesn't display properly with their new reduced window size. Lacks many newew gear hubs. Another site wouldn't load at all.


I remain wistful. If I could get a recumbent 'one size fits all' belt instead of chain, I could use it in all 'bent bikes. The weight savings for the long chainline would be considerable.

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