Tuesday, January 24, 2012

nice 4 season bike

See bikehugger.

D - I was thinking BMX tires the rest of the season.
With the wide axle for a snow tire.

I recall trying to snow bike in heavy deep snow a few years ago.
Either I leaned over the tire or the rear- but something was always failing to move.
Snow tires, huh?
I bet you could hydroplane in water, with that little ground pressure...
I'd want some spikes too.
Though they wear out in no time.

I was thinking recessed studs that only extend above a certain tire pressure, so as to not wear out snow tires with studs on not-so-snowy days. Asphalt proved brutal.

D - put a folding joint on a BMX-y bike like this, and you have a well rounded bike.

Aside- I'm pondering whether I can accomplish my cargo requirements on a 48 inch vs 60 inch base. I had pondered a 'stretch' SWB bent bike with a LWB wheel base.
Well, the sticking point is fitting cargo. My rucksack-as-seat-back concept means I need about an additional foot of storage space behind the seat back.

One solution that does involve extending the wheelbase would be a highly unusual luggage rack. Basically I'd want it higher and farther back- to the point of hanging more BEHIND the rear tire than ABOVE it. This would involve a frame near the rear tire axle that has an elevated and offset 'axle rack mount', as well as a faux standard seat tube to attach it to.
I am very unimpressed with the stability of dual-suspension mountain bike racks. Even after replacing that aluminum t-joint that failed with steel, the whole thing is still pretty wobbly. But then I mounted a steel ammo box on top too.
That is without any cargo in the folding racks on each side.

My proposed scheme would involve 2 folding baskets - plus a rear and centre small steel ammo box for sealed/secure storage. Plastic is light- and flimsy. Plus a guy in town with one said the joint eventually fails. Steel lasts.
Keep in mind the whole rack luggage setup must be higher than normal, while keeping mass as low as possible. The folding luggage racks carry my heavy groceries.
I was still pondering a 3rd luggage rack top and centre over the rear tire for light stuff. For groceries, that would allow a minimax of stable handling and cargo storage. However, for a tour bike I am finding this requirement in competition with a decent tapered rear countour from the sides. If I don't slap a box on the sides over luggage, I guess the left-right and centre folding racks would work.
Keep in mind the whole design also includes a full-size ruck sack.

Folding point: particularly is planning a 60 inch wheelbase, I'd want the bike to fold. I'd like the option to throw it on a Greyhound bus in storage, for example. Or for it not to occupy most of a hotel room.
Fitting in a tent foyer would be nice too. Else I need a 2-person tent if I wanna shelter it.
I figured a folding hinge so it goes over the top vs side in movement fits my last design. My last design has 2 side-by-side off-centre left-right parallel tubes for structure.

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